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Mark Thomas owner of Thomas Electric and a Generac Dealer is the best by far. He is very easy to work with and his knowledge of the product is just amazing. He and his crew installed an in place natural gas generator for us and everything was done to perfection. We are so please we had a chance to work with Mark and would recommend him above and beyond any one else. If we could give him 10 stars we would...............
I highly recommend Thomas Electric. Mark, the owner was extremely knowledgeable, professional and friendly. He was responsive in my inquiries and provided an accurate and detailed estimate/invoice for my generator. He even shoveled my driveway without my knowledge so that he could gain access to my driveway. I just lost power in the last noreaster and the generator worked without a hitch.
I had put out bids to have a generator installed. 3 vendors told me that it could take up to a month to get it installed. I contacted Mark, who is the owner/operator. He made a very professional presentation, and added that the generator could be installed in 2 days. We agreed and put him to the test. As promised, the generator was delivered and installed. It took longer for the oil company to install the propane. Many thanks to Mark. If you are looking for a generator, Mark should be your first call.
Thomas Electric installed my Generac generator 5 years ago. Though a blizzard was howling,we had to go out of town for the birth of our granddaughter that day. We feared another power outage like the one the previous October that lasted 10 days. Understanding our concern, Mr. Thomas got together with our plumber, and both crews teamed up to get the job done, even with the snow flying. Last week, our power failed. The generator activated, but a major surge blew out the main controller, preventing it from activating the electricity. I called Mr. Thomas. Though he was a half hour away, he was at our house in 35 minutes. He manually made the connection and we had the power on 10 minutes later. This was a Friday afternoon at 3:30. He could have told us to wait a day, but he responded immediately. On Monday morning, he replaced the controller. I've never had such great, consistent, caring service from any tradesman. I highly recommend Thomas Electric.
The infamous 2011 Connecticut power outage convinced me that my daughter, son-in-law, and my only two grandchildren needed a standby generator to prevent any more similar "experiences". However, after weeks of false starts, misinformation, and general frustration --compounded by my residing 1700 miles away -- I was about to give up on my idea of being a doting grandfather. Then!! I happened to find Thomas Electric, namely Mark Thomas, and everything started falling into place. My grandchildren received their 20 KW Generac, on time, at a fair price, fine workmanship, no problems. What a change!! Mark Thomas is highly qualified, a problem solver, and an honest straight shooter. I only wish I could talk him into coming down here to Texas to install the Generac I just purchased for my home here in Dallas. Captain Jack (Retired)
Captain Jack
I had a good overall idea of what I wanted. And Thomas Electric provided me with their added info and advice based on their expertise and knowledge, including accessories needed and advised which were not and why. They did a great job, and handled a tricky install requiring underground gas and electric lines, and negotiating my Condo's requirements. It came in a little ahead of schedule, and they did a thorough job of cleaning up and putting the lawn back nicely. Highly recommended.
Im very happy with the service I received from Thomas Electric. I shopped around and they gave me the best price and the best service. They showed me exactly what I needed and how I can save the most money. Im very happy with my portable generator. Its perfect for the situation I need it for.
I contacted Mark Thomas Electric after having looked carefully at several reviews of his Company as well as others. I decided on this company. I have not been disappointed in any way. Along with the company's crew of plumbers and electricians each of whom were extremely responsive, friendly and very professional and answered any and all questions I asked and explained the work they were about to do and did do in easy to understand detail. The work was done timely and as promised. The cost was very reasonable and I must point out, Mark Thomas returned my phone calls if or when I had additional questions within an hour. This Company's professionalism is second to none. The final installation was completed in less than six (6) hours and nothing was left to pick up or clean as they did it all down to notifying the Town to do the final inspection. I recommend Mark Thomas Electric to my friends, and neighbors and guarantee should they select Mark Thomas Electric to install a Generac generator, they will not be disappointed in any way.
One of the best investments I made was buying a Generac Guardian Generator from Thomas Electric. His 2 electricians wired my house in less than a day. They were very professional, courteous & answered all my questions. They simulated a power outage so I could see how the generator worked. The generator comes on automatically when it senses a power outage & goes off when power is restored. You do not have to do anything. The 2 things that puts Thomas Electric over the top for me is that if I have any questions, Mark will answer them himself. And number 2 is when the city inspector comes to your house to make sure that everything is up to code, he said that Thomas Electric does excellent work. Because of that statement it put my mind at ease knowing that everything was done correctly. I highly recommend Thomas Electric.
While investigating which size/style/type of generator I should install for my house... I noticed the positive reviews for Thomas Electric. Always a good indication, of a good company to deal with... I called, and got the owner on the phone, Mark Thomas. He was willing to answer any question I had, he made me feel like I was important to him as a potential client... I immediately got a good feeling that I had indeed contacted the right generator company. Upon meeting Mark, when he came to my house to check out my power requirements, we became fast friends... like I had known him for years. We talked about the various options available to me and he gave my a quote right on the spot. What was amazing to me is that the quote took care of everything! Pulling the permits from the town that are necessary to do the work... saving me time and headaches... dealing with the paperwork and filing the documents. He scheduled the plumber to change the gas line, he called the natural gas company to change the gas meter. He followed through with the inspections. I didn't have to do a thing! His way of doing business was so transparent and just a wonderful load off my mind that I didn't have worry about any of the process. His crew that did the final install couldn't have been nicer or more professional. With storms getting more intense and severe, in winter and summer, I feel so good now that my family will have power when the grid goes out. That peace of mind is worth every penny of the generator, Give Thomas Electric and call... you won't be disappointed.